Month: October 2015

Traveling Connecticut During Fall

Air Date: 10/27/15 – Join Connecticut-based travel writers and bloggers Johnna Kaplan and Jan Mann as we discuss the many places to visit during the fall season. Will be lively, informative and educational!

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Child free or Child less: Choice or Circumstance?

Air Date: 10/13/15 – More than 40% of the adult population in the country do not have children. Childfree women, Kaye Walters and Laura Carroll, both experts in this genre, will discuss the many complex facets of this growing trend. Is it childlessness or being childfree? We’ll answer and explain the differences, too!

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The New Face of Fatherhood in the US

Air Date: 10/6/15 – Two interesting and entertaining West Coast-based men – author/speechwriter and midlife father Len Filppu and new gay parent Nicholas D’Ambra will share their personal stories and some stats about the changing nature of fatherhood in this country, moving into the 21st century.

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