Month: January 2016

Pregnancy Loss & Women

Air Date: 1/19/16 – A somber and important discussion about pregnancy loss. What is the difference between a miscarriage and stillbirth? Is the loss and grief felt the same? Is it important to make the distinction? Experts Amy Wright Glenn and Elizabeth Petrucelli share personal stories, facts/figures/stats about this often hidden topic and their passionate advances in providing a public forum for this topic, for all women.

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Children Living with Grandparents

Air Date: 1/12/16 – Author Gayle Byrne (“Sometimes It’s Grandmas and Grandpas: Not Mommies and Daddies”) and group facilitator Karen Nocera reveal the many complexities to this growing trend. Who is doing it and why? How do aging parents deal with much younger children? Is it altruism, a willingness to help or an interest in being a “parent” again? What financial, emotional, psychological toll does this take?

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The Color of It All – Hair & Women Going Gray

Air Date: 1/5/16 – We explore the world of women going gray. Is it really as important as they say?  What tips the scales to chose whether to gray or not? Canadian Image Consultant Carol Brailey and prolific author and writer, Elizabeth Benedict (Me, My Hair and I), trade experience, thoughts and first-hand knowledge about this emerging new trend to let it all out! Is this the wave of the future for women in mid-life?

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