Month: March 2016

Women, Blogging & The Internet

Air Date: 3/29/16 – Media mavens, pioneers and visionaries Elisa Camahort Page (Blogher, SheKnows Media) and Sharon Greenthal (Midlife Boulevard, discuss the impact, importance, viral reach and connection for women and the Internet. How many women blog? How many women use and rely on the Internet now vs. 10 years ago? Where is this industry going…moving into the 21st century? These women know!

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Living in the Digital Age

Air Date: 3/15/16 – Following the release of her book, Media Moms & Digital Dads, award-winning child psychological researcher, media expert and author, Yalda T. Uhls, will discuss how media affects children and what constructive steps you can take as a parent to help your children navigate this brave new world. A must for anyone feeling challenged by technology and our increasing reliance on the Internet!

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Collective Giving and Women’s Philanthropy

Air Date: 3/01/16 – Esteemed women’s philanthropy pioneer Colleen Willoughby of the Washington Women’s Foundation and Impact100 Westchester Co-President Anita Borkenstein discuss the drive behind and intention for collective giving and women’s philanthropy in the United States. Is this “old money,” the result of divorce or the byproduct of increasingly successful corporate women. Can you “give” if you aren’t rich? Stay tuned. These women will dispel the myths and set the record straight!

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