Month: May 2016

(The State of) Same-Sex Parenting in America

Air Date: 5/24/16 – Same-sex parents, clinical nurse educator Annie Worshoufsky MacAulay and civil rights activist and LGBT spokesman, Jason Howe, both passionate individuals dedicated to paving the way for the rights of same-sex parents, standing up as role models and educating society, will discuss this very hot and pressing-topic. Is the nontraditional family the wave of the future? Is anyone living a “traditional” life anymore? What gains have been made and what’s left to conquer? A fascinating 1/2 hour with impassioned parents!

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The State of Motherhood in the US

Air Date: 5/17/16 – Award-winning journalist, Ann Crittenden (If You’ve Raised Kids & The Price of Motherhood) and Public Policy Analyst Valerie Young (Mom-Mentum) will discuss the current state of motherhood in the US. Have we made any personal/economic/psychological/workplace gains during the past few decades? Where do we stand in terms of stats and where are we going? Is the future for motherhood bright? Find out!

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What’s With Your Mother?

Air Date: 5/03/16 – Bloggers/authors/writers Ann Imig, creator of the theatrical performance “Listen to Your Mother” and Karen C.L. Anderson, author of The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating from A Difficult Mother discuss their passion about this topic, their work with the genre and what they hope to teach other women. We’ll explore the complexities behind the most important relationship in our lives!

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