Month: May 2017

Motherhood, Etc. (A Conversation with NYT’s Writer KJ Dell Antonia)

Air Date: 5/16/17 – KJ Dell’ Antonia – author, writer and editor of the NYT’s popular Sunday “Motherlode” section (now known as “Well Family“) has much to say about everything….motherhood! Where are we as a society when it comes to mothers? What do today’s mothers struggle with? How important is it (to her) to give voice to the beautifully varied and disparate voices of motherhood/fatherhood and parenthood and do they share anything in common? What’s her one piece of advice regarding this tough task? Stay tuned!

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Myths & Facts, and Books Designed for Jews

Air Date: 5/9/17: What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Who gets it and why? Is it treatable or preventable? And, what happens to those people who must cope with a loved one afflicted with this? World-renowned UCLA professor and researcher David Teplow and author Eliezer Sobel (Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults & L’Chaim! Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life will discuss the many aspects of this crippling disease.

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