Tag: Awakening Shakti

A Conversation with Goddess Yoga Master Sally Kempton

Air date: 1/17/17 -Originally a journalistic voice for feminist issues and causes in the 70s, a deep dissatisfaction with Sally Kempton’s bourgeoning success and a reawakening of her heart and spirit led her to a spiritual and radical awakening and the path to studying with guru Swami Mutkanada, until his death in 2002.  Seeking to incorporate this new sense of self with her previous intellectual radicalism led to a deep yogic cleansing and her current path and role as a teacher. Sally’s book, The Heart of Meditation: Pathways to a Deeper Experience and Awakening Shakti and her past column, “Wisdom,” in the Yoga Journal have touched millions of followers. She is a mentor, teacher, role model and a woman for all times. Sally teaches her classes at Kripalu, Omega and many other conference sites across the world.

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