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Living With AIDS (A Conversation with Scott Fried)

Air Date: 3/21/17 – What is it like living with AIDS? Is staying alive with AIDS an art or luck, or both? What medical breakthroughs have been made regarding cures? Award-winning international public speaker, HIV/AIDS educator and author, Scott Fried, will answer these questions and many more as he has done during his more than 1000 appearances and speaking engagements at youth retreats, juvenile detention centers and prisons, alternative schools, learning disabled populations, Gay/Straight Alliances, PTO meetings and teacher training workshops. Scott’s work, aimed at teenagers, has taught him that the issue of sexual responsibility extends to other topics including self-esteem and addiction problems. Scott begins each lecture with his story of how he got infected with HIV in 1987 at the age of 24, during his first and only unsafe sexual encounter.

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